Tuesday, January 25, 2005

January 25, 2005
Jerry and Cleis Jordon, owners of my favorite B&B in the Western World, Casa de Patron in Lincoln, New Mexico, are in town and staying with us. We sat out in the yard yesterday with nice bottle of Merlot they brought and enjoyed the view of Ratcliff Ridge and my Spanish driveway, in progress.

Speaking of which, last night I drove the Ranger into the garage and as I pulled in I drove over the rocks for the first time. It wasn't the smoothest ride. In fact, it kind of freaked me out. But Kathy came in at about seven and as she drove over it she said she thought it was fine.

Tonight Paul Hutton's show on Crazy Horse airs on the History Channel. One of the wranglers, Jim Hatzell has this to say:

"If you get a chance to see it I want you to appreciate that I cast everybody, was boss wrangler, did wardrobe & props, and I did all the make-up effects ( Crazy Horse's scar, bullet wounds, etc ) I also portray Dr Valentine McGillicuddy and there will be scenes in the show with the Little Big Horn which I helped Kurtis set up back in 1998."

“Don't fight forces; use them.”
—Buckminster Fuller

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