Thursday, January 13, 2005

January 13, 2005
Got up at five this morning. Kathy had a medical procedure at six. Drove her down to Bell and 40th Street. She got in about 6:30, while I was tortured unmercifully in the waiting room. It's those damn morning television shows! Ridiculous in the extreme: "I just can't imagine what it's like to lose your wife and two kids in the mud slide here today, but, could you tell us, what does it feel like?" I kept gaping, laughing and snorting and looking at the other people in the waiting room but they were enthralled beyond belief. Zombies to the max. Make no mistake, it's a non-stop carny show. Pathetic.

Bought a banana in the cafeteria (64 cents). Kathy had that twilight drug deal so I got to run a whole bunch of things past her while she was awake but incoherent ("So I'm going to pay Juan about a grand to do the driveway, oh, and I signed us up for the All-Porn Channel and I ordered one of those enlarger, pump deals. It's only $75 a month for three years. Yes, I thought you'd like that.")

Got her home around nine, put her to bed and went for a bike ride. Crisp, clear day out. Buddy Boze Hatkiller ran the whole way, just so happy to be alive. In fact his bark translates roughly to, "I’m frickin' alive! Alive! Anybody wanna run with me??!").

The scratchboard Gods were shining on me this afternoon, as I whipped out a close-up of Doc Holliday with a rope beard disguise on. He's peering off into the middle distance and you can see his breath. Very nice, subtle effects, and it’s Doc! That seldom happens.

One of the problems with being in business is having several smart people working for the same goals and they don't agree on anything. Perhaps ol’ "Give 'em Hell" Harry has something to say about this:

"You have to find out for yourself that no two smart men ever agree on anything.  Never.  No two historians ever agree on what happened and the [darn] thing is they both think they're telling the truth.  And somebody with authority has to make them understand that their viewpoint and the other viewpoint can be brought together and an agreement can be reached.  It takes a politician to do that, not a historian."
—Harry S Truman

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