Sunday, January 30, 2005

January 30, 2005
Made about ten rock hunting trips yesterday. Kathy and I loaded up about three bathtubs worth of flat rocks. One of my neighbors drove by and saw us. Rolled down his window and yelled, "Rock thief!" I laughed and laughed, over my shoulder as I climbed down from the upper arms of a 30 foot saguaro.

Bev, my haircutting neighbor, got kicked by one of her horses yesterday. Broke her arm. She won't be cutting hair for about six weeks.

Kathy and I went to a wine tasting last night up at AZ Wine Company in Carefree. Really fun. Got to drink an $80 Cabernet. Very tasty. Bought a bottle of Columbia Yakima Valley, Washington, 1999 ($19.49 cash).

Ended up down at Salute's for dinner last night. Great Italian place down at Desert Ridge ($75 cash, includes tip, we split it). I was surrounded by the whole Radina Clan: Kathy, Betty, Debbie, Brad and 'Cedes. At the wine tasting a dentist came by and called Betty "Mother Radina." I think that might stick. Kind of has a Lady Madonna ring to it.

Which reminds me, Paul Giamatti, the star of Sideways, the wine tasting, mid-life crisis movie which is up for several Oscars, was asked by Newsweek what question he is tired of answering and he said, "What’s wrong with drinking merlot?" Funny, if you've seen the movie. Irritating if you hate scene spoilers.

I think I nailed the "Good, Bad & Holy" painting. At least it's what I set out to try and do. Still not sure if it's the right image, but as I said yesterday, I'll post it up here on Tuesday. Want to run the design idea by Dan Harshberger first. I don't want it to be a straight rip-off of the movie poster.

Finished four paintings this afternoon, worked on three others. Photographed them. Feel confident and inspired to keep on the "trackless road." This is from the book Bushido: The Way of the Samurai. It was recommended by Dale Dauten, a business columnist I enjoy reading. Written between 1710-1716, for a warrior society, many of the truths still ring true for business, life and art. Some of it, however, seems odd though and almost fake, like it was written by staff members of The National Lampoon. For example, "If you attend an exclusive samurai's party and feel timid, you cannot do your part in making it a successful party. You had first better prepare by convincing yourself that you will have a grand time." Other advice is equally odd: "How to Stop Yawning" and some is classic: "Fall Seven Times and Get Up Eight" and back to weird: "Burn With Mad Death" and some is quite informative: "How to Acquire Talented People" ("things gather around him who loves them.") and finally:

"Those who are reputed to be good at arts and crafts are good in a foolish fashion. They have become good at one particular subject because they foolishly became fond of and attached to one art without any regard to other matters. Quite useless."
—Tsunetomo Yamamotoo

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