Sunday, July 17, 2005

July 17, 2005
Another hot one. Supposed to hit 115 in Phoenix. Smells like smoke outside (second night in a row). Big winds right now (5:22 PM). We’re in our monsoon season. Lots of dust and lightning, sometimes, but rarely, a storm.

The wayfaring wanderers are back home. I made them all pancakes this morning. Lots of San Diego stories. Tomcat said everywhere they went the guys were hooting and clapping and coming on to Christina. The waitress at Old Town San Diego thought she was a famous Mexican singer. One day they were walking on the boardwalk at Mission Beach and these macho guys came right up to them and said, “Hey Dudes,” acknowledging the Tomcat and Andy, then leering at Christina (she’s holding T’s hand!) the guys said, “Oh, Baby!” I asked if this was as rude as it sounds and Thomas replied, "Well, yes, but me and Andy aren’t that big." Ha. Too honest. It sure seems thuggish to me, but then I’m an old man.

Here’s a photo of the Tomcat and Christina (Yes, that’s the Spanish driveway. Ironic, no?). She's waiting to hear if she’s made it into med school in Valencia. Really a sweet girl. What she sees in my son I’m not sure.

Got a new poll up. Do you believe Doc Holliday waylaid and killed Johnny Ringo? With the current issue explaining the facts in Ringo’s demise, I’m quite curious to see your vote on this one. Vote today.

"Circumstances? What are circumstances? I make my own circumstances."


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