Friday, July 08, 2005

July 8, 2005
Gus and I worked hard all day on wrangling CGII pages into shape. Also finished my editorial for the magazine and got it laid in with cool artwork for a change. Abby is working on a gambling cover. Good typography. Still wrestling with layout and images.

I got a call from my old radio partner Jeanne Sedello this morning. She said she had a dream that David K. and I were back on KSLX with Gordon Smith and she came by to see us and my son Thomas showed up and he was seven feet tall and had an NBA contract. "What does that mean, Bob?" she asked me. "Honey," I told her as gently as I could, "you gotta lay off the garbanzo beans late at night."

We laughed. I asked her if she's heard anything from David K. and she said she hadn’t. I told her I was worried about him because the last couple of Emails I’ve sent to Tampa, bounced. She suggested I Google him so I did. All I found was a site called Los Angeles Radio People: Where Have They Gone? ( In addition to finding out what happened to "Jed the Fish" and the 50-some-odd Johnsons who plied and plowed the airwaves in LA, I found this entry for David K.:

David K. Jones, KOST 1982-85. David left mornings at WBBY-Tampa in Feb. 2003.

Well, I already knew that. So maybe someone is a better Googler and will find him. Be sure to let me know. Thanks.

Thomas came in last night from Flag and he and Deena went to the Melody Lounge down at Seventh Ave. and McDowell to see Mickey from OKC. According to Tomcat, our fave Turtle vs. Sloth guitarist is having problems. In the Phoenix gig only 7 people showed up, Tommy, Deena and two friends included. Mickey insisted on setting up in the center of the room (no doubt inspired or infected by Phil Bunkman’s stagemanship) and he had a drummer with him which totally ruins the one-man-band angle. I was so sad, because I think the Kid has so much potential and, of course, it's always easier to see what someone else should do. Ha. I'd go help him with advice but I just can't stay up that late again for several more weeks.

Tomcat and I ate at El Encanto at noon today and sat outside. Even though it was probably close to 85 or 90 out, the lagoon kept it cool enough. The ducks are still obnoxious, but Suzie is a great waitress. Had the fajita salad special, as did T. (Dad picked up the tab, $25 cash, includes tip).

Speaking of my son, he’s on the way to Sky Harbor even as I type this to pick up his ex-girlfriend Christina, who is flying in from Valencia (pronounced Valen-thia by the homeys), Spain. She will be here for a couple weeks and T. is in charge of squiring her around the country (she's never been to America). So, if you should look up and see a seven foot tall Bell kid squiring a Penelope Cruz type babe through your neighborhood in a 2002 Ford Escape with Turtle vs. Sloth blasting from the boom box, be sure to wave. His dad thanks you in advance.

"Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle."

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