Thursday, July 07, 2005

July 7, 2005
Kathy called me on her way to the gym this morning and told me to turn on the news. Big bomb blasts in Britain. Avoided turning it on until I drove into the office. I knew it was going to be depressing, and of course, it was.

Regarding Thom Ross’s Custer Battlefield art installation two weeks ago, I got this update from Jim Hatzell:

"I did drive out to the Battlefield early Saturday morning June 25th...getting there about 8AM. I saw and photographed the Thom Ross exhibit which was sure interesting. Mike Donahue talked to him about bringing some of it to Temple, Texas for a show. The weather turned bad Sunday afternoon and I drove home in a violent rainstorm. I heard a rumor (unconfirmed) that Saturday night some of the mounted Indians there for the festivities rode over to the Ross exhibit and 'counted coup' on a bunch of the Soldier figures....breaking some."


Our newsstand consultant, Dick Glassman called me last week and told me a certain local publisher has defaulted on their promotion fees to be in all of the airline terminals at Sky Harbor and asked me if I wanted True West magazine to take their place. Abso-flying-lutely! It’s really hard to break in there. We have been trying for six years and have been in a couple shops, but never all of them. Here’s where you can find us, starting today:

Name of outlet: Extra! Extra!
Terminal: 4
Location: Lobby
Airlines: British Air: twice weekly, Hawaiian Air: 4 times weekly, AERO Mexico: Daily, Lufthansa Air: once a week, America West: ("Puddle Jumpers") varies.

Name: News Travels Fast North
Terminal: 3
Location: Gate 18
Airlines: Delta, and Frontier

Name: News Travels Fast South
Terminal: 3
Location: Gate 6
Airlines: American, and ATA.

Name: News Travels Fast Lobby
Terminal: 3
Location: Lobby

Worked on Frank Stilwell, Pete Spencer and Indian Charley copy. Also went home for lunch and looked through my massive photo collection for facial and clothing reference to illustrate the “suspects” in the Morgan Earp murder. Gus masterminded a new Honkytonk Sue: Sage Advice from the Queen of Country Swing cartoon for the September issue. Also found a sexy shot of Jennifer Tilly to run with my editorial. She won a big poker tournament last week, but any excuse will do. It's from the Birdcage photo shoot we did several years ago with John Beckett down in Tombstone. We put her on the cover and she ended up on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, holding the magazine toward the camera and doing a three minute info-mercial for True West. As you might have guessed we consider Jennifer family around here.

"I distrust those people who know so well what God wants them to do, because I notice it always coincides with their own desires."
—Susan B. Anthony

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