Monday, July 25, 2005

July 25, 2005
Hanging out all over the place. Double background, super short posting today. No time for tidbits or stories. Here’s the Cliff Notes version of the last three days:

• Kids came back from road trip. No apparent fights or squabbling. Amazing. They had fun.

• I grabbed a rattlesnake by the neck several days ago, and threw him over the fence. (Actually I had a neck grabber deal that our old neighbor Larry Steinegger made, so it wasn’t quite as brave, or foolish as it sounds.)

• Spent all day Sunday on Nekkid Fandango painting. Not good. Really sucks, in fact. A total waste of time.

• Proofs got out on Friday. Waiting to hear back.

• My editor, Meghan, is a total taskmaster. Here is a list of today’s edits she wants:

p. 28 The occupation of John H. Riley was going to be added to his quote
You also need the first name of Lt. Butler.

p. 30, Death by Shakespeare gunfight: you were going to supply Stiles’ first name. Make sure the new copy reads right with the addition of the outlaws’ names into the copy. Also approve the Idle Speculation sidebar (the “Some believe Leonard and King…. no longer works with the addition into the story, so it has been deleted).

P. 40 Add who E.M. Peel is to the gunfight (miner, etc.)

p. 50 Caption missing for Vogan’s Pin Alley

p. 51 Decide if going to keep “Gambler’s War” entry in there. If not, it’s probably best to continue the gambling theme due to the art that
is currently in there.

p. 57 No caption for lesbian illustration

“good manners and good was” [Parsons may have left out a word here] This is my fix as the journal by Bailey does write it out this way.

Gus says you may have copies of Parsons’ entry from someone else, who may have recorded it down correctly.

p. 74 Only story (along with Leonard & Head) that does not have
cow-boys hyphenated (so have hyphenated them)

p. 88 I didn’t see any change made to O.K. Corral copy and I believe
you said you had wanted to change some things about the “new ordinance”

p. 42 Please put the newspaper that wrote the report (at the end of the

p. 43 This same photo of Charleston is used in our Charleston layout.
Just wanted to make sure this is intentional.

p. 58 Cut out all the copy on bottom. Replace with ???

p. 59 Tombstone lifestyle page?

p. 82 Clayton is a local??? (needs some identifier)

p. 90 Is new end for Spicer caption correct? See if layout works. Had

to rearrange a bit because captions were on top of each other for
Spicer and Behan.

p. 93 I took out “former Oriental head man” as not necessary and interrupts story. Please put back in if you feel it is necessary

Changed last part of caption related to Behan, so do not repeat too much in what is said in the other caption.

p. 94 No aftermath is here

Idle Speculation does not connect to gunfight

State Spicer hearing ends November 29, but in the Spicer Hearing
story, your date is November 30

p. 104-105 Does not appear to be done. What is the story supposed to be?

p. 109 Got rid of “One for Morg!” sidebar beneath the photo as it repeats, verbatim, what is in the Eyewitness sidebar.

p. 114 Separated autopsy sidebar from gunfight

p. 116 Does not state where Wyatt goes (only where Holliday goes)

p. 117 two different spellings: Tavoli and Tivoli (since Tivoli was used most, I substituted that. Please change ALL if it is Tavoli)

p. 124-128 Please see me. Many questions here. Many missing captions,


"I would have written a shorter letter, but I didn't have the time."
—Mark Twain

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