Wednesday, July 20, 2005

July 20, 2005
I woke up at two in the morning mulling my bad painting. Finally got up at 2:30 and went out to the studio and painted for about two hours. Sort of saved the Milt Joyce confrontation, although it’s not what I originally wanted. Also worked on the Doc vs. Ringo painting. Got some decent passages going on that ambitious sucker.

Went back to bed at about five. Got up at six. Took the dogs for a bike ride. Swam 10 laps. Finished the Papago Station painting.

Drove into work at 8:50, picked up Carole at Tobias Motors (she dropped her car off for repairs). Got into the office at nine. Worked on hangout copy. Meghan added a nice sidebar to the Tombstone whore’s page (balancing it out with legitimate acts of dancers and performers. I had leaned too heavily on the soiled doves angle—like a typical horndog male—and she gave it some credibility).

Kingman Comments:
"What do you mean, good luck on good food in Kingman? What about that great Mexican restaurant down the street from the old hotel across from the railroad tracks? Damn, now I can't remember the name of either the hotel or the restaurant. Wait, Google...

"Hotel Brunswick. The place was maybe a block or so from the hotel. And I don't know if they're always like that, but that night the food was divine (no pun intended on famous Kingman residents).

"More Google, this time Google Local, yields...El Palacio. Yep, that was it. 401 E. Andy Devine.

"And suddenly it occurs to me, y'know, modern life ain't so bad."
—Emma Bull

Too funny, and too true. Yes, Emma I didn’t recommend El Palacio because our Spanish chica doesn’t like Mexican food. Too spicy. Tomcat warned me that most Spaniards are not fans of Mexican food and prefer a more bland diet. Hard to believe, but true, at least with our guest.

Went to lunch with the legendary Dee Dee Wood (choreographer for Mary Poppins, Beaches, oodles more, she's been on the cover of Life mag, etc. is a Cave Creek legend). She took me to lunch at Cave Creek Roadhouse and proceeded to rave about the latest issue of True West (History of Western Wear). I couldn’t get her to stop. She really thinks we have finally broadened out to be a more full-service magazine appealing to true Westerners and not just history nuts, like me and my pards. Needless to say it was music to my ears. I had the chicken caesar salad and an iced tea.

Went home at about one and took a short nap, then took Kathy up to her office (we have only one car because Tomas is on that Spanish road trip with her car).

Got back into the office and helped Gus tweak and finesse several more spreads. They are really starting to fall now. Feels good. Need to paint tonight.

Met with Mike Melrose about getting along with people. He's doing better, but he still pisses people off. Mainly me. He seemed receptive although he did flip me off when he left my office.

"To be ignorant of what occurred before you were born is to remain always a child."
—Marcus Cicero

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