Monday, July 04, 2005

July 4, 2005
Stayed home all day and worked on a possible Doc Holliday image for our September cover. Bob Brink keeps hammering us on getting an icon for the cover and I was jamming on some sketches and remembered the old saw, "Never eat at a cafe named 'Mom’s', never play cards with someone called 'Doc'," and I worked up a couple head shots of the Good Dentist whipping out an ace from his sleeve and looking out at us with that smooth-dog look, "Wanna play?" From there I played with cover heads, but we may still do a photo cover. Got two great models and it would still be my first choice but it's nice to have a backup.

Cave Creek cancelled their fireworks tonight because of the fire danger. Kind of sad because they’re consistently top notch.

Kathy went over to her mom's for the fourth this afternoon and I stayed home to work on artwork. She was kind of disappointed, but I felt like I had to buckle down and get this stuff in the can. September is coming sooner than we think and I don’t want to be at the Cowboy Legacy premiere with blank pages in our new book. Or worse, weak art that I wanted to be better.

Turns out the kid with the Okie-fied drums and Strat is named Mickey and his CD is called "El Paso Hot Button," which is not nearly as cool as “Turtle Vs. Sloth.” But then I'm an old man who thinks he's still hip to the scene, Man.

On Sunday morning, seven of us met at Martan's for breakfast, and I put the CD in the Ford Escape on the way over to find out if we were just delirious the night before. As I’m sure you know, this happens. You get so excited about some live performance, buy the CD and the next day discover you let your loopy, bar brain do the purchasing. This time it was not the case. The Mickey Kid from OKC (after his set I went up to him and told him his music was amazing and I thought he was the greatest. I asked him where he was from and he said, "Oklahoma City" and I asked him where he got his style and he shrugged and said, "I just stole stuff from other people." How much street cred is that?!).

Tomcat partied with him after the show and found out his name is Mickey. Mickey from OKC. So mysterious, eh?

Allen Fossenkemper Emailed me this morning and told me that Google has a new web access deal and they have "hundreds of BBB images." So I went there and realized that most of the images and photos are from this blog. Check it out at:

"Want to think of something new? Go to a museum."
—Harvey Mackay

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