Friday, July 29, 2005

July 29, 2005
I finished four paintings, two this afternoon, as we come down to the wire on the book. Writing, rewriting, wrestling with Meghan over dangling participles and parenthetical mumbo jumbo. The goood new is, it gets better as we go along. Unfortunately, as the holes appear I want to plug them with new illustrations, ten to be exact. Not going to have time to do that many. The absolute, drop dead deadline is Tuesday and I’m staying down at the Westin Hotel this weekend for our 26th wedding anniversary and I have a wife who will kick my patootie if I bring work to the Bob Boze Bell suite. Somehow I’ll make it happen, perhaps Sunday night?

Had a meeting with Trish and Bob Brink this morning to go over ways to make the art show and premiere of the book a success. They have great ideas and I’m so thankful they are on my team.

Samantha and Brittany have already sold 33 Crown books to the Maniacs via phone. Amazing. We are on a roll. Maniacs call 888-687-1881 to preorder your copy now or email Sam at!

Went to the dentist yesterday and got my teeth belt sanded. ($115, need better insurance, or teeth).

I solicited ideas on how to save Tombstone and we’ve gotten some great comments. The funniest one, so far, is from author and friend Leon Metz, who writes:

"Historians who write another dreary book on the Gunfight at the OK Corral, aren't doing the city any favors. Who cares any longer? Been there, done that! The continuous arguments about who shot who are silly and unproductive."

Thanks Leon. I may put that as a blurb on my new book. Ha. Actually another item in Leon’s suggestions gave us a great cover blurb. More on that later.

"If your happiness depends on what somebody else says about you, I guess you do have a problem."
—Richard Bach

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