Wednesday, May 10, 2006

May 10, 2006
Got up this morning and whipped out a mug shot of Corporal Isaiah Mays. There is a photo of him, but he’s in civilian clothes and I wanted him in Army blues, with this Medal of Honor medallion hanging off his breast, a rifle, his corporal stripes and an authentic field hat. I think I nailed him. Finished at 8:30, had Kathy put a bobby-pin in my shirt sleeve (missing a button, still wanted to wear the shirt). Got into the office at nine.

Robert McElroy showed me his photos of the Wham site. He’s got a cool one of Rob B. posing outside of Fort #1, as the buckskin clad Mormon outlaw who opened the ball on the Wham robbery. And speaking of the next Classic Gunfight:

Even God Only Bats .500, Or: So That’s Why Pima Is Still So Tiny!
Pima tradition maintains that Mormon Church authorities in Salt Lake City sent a high-level delegation to Graham County a few weeks after the robbery and scolded the local communicants for not being truthful with federal lawmen. The visiting Mormon officials prophesied that God would punish their community predicting it would not prosper for 100 years and that God would withhold “heavenly fruits” from the guilty parties. Pima’s still puny size in 2006 would tend to concur with the first prophesy, but robber W.T. Webb’s eventual rise to political and financial success (he ended up owning most of Graham Mountain) would tend to dispute the latter part of the prophesy.

Postcards From The Edge of Production
“Hey Bob, how does one get on the postcard mailing list? Being a Lifetime subscriber I'm going to get the mag anyway but those postcards look too cool to pass up! Thanks.”
—Mark Kilburn TW Maniac 235

Humor Master Insight Series #346
I am a big humor fan and I assume this is why Dave Daiss, excuse me, one of my partners, put a bumper sticker on my truck the other day (see below). The rumor was that this person was also thinking about putting this bumper sticker on Kathy’s car: “I’d Rather Go Hunting With Dick Cheney Than Driving With Ted Kenneday.” Yes, that's funny, but I wonder if the person who did this would be laughing if the bumper sticker joke went the other way? Hmmmmm.

So I asked Carole yesterday where she thought I could get a “Liberal” bumper sticker to pay back this certain True West partner. She smiled and said, “How about ‘Nobody Died When Clinton Lied’?” I laughed out loud and asked her where she could get one. She went to her office computer and went online and found it in two minutes flat. I also ordered, "Somewhere In Texas A Village Is Missing Its Idiot." But here’s the cool part: They have these new bumper stickers where they are transparent. You put them on and you can't see them, and they slowly develop (think invisible ink), in about 24 hours. Now let’s imagine I put both of these bumper sticker on the partner’s truck and he drives back down to Sonoita (or some such place) and two days from now, people are shooting at him along the highway and at the feed store and he doesn’t know why. Now that's funny to me.

”Laughter is much more important than applause. Applause is almost a duty. Laughter is a reward.”
—Carol Channing

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