Monday, May 29, 2006

May 29, 2006
I'm working at a fever pace on all things slack-jawed. Here are my sketches for the past several days. I finally decided to see what it would look like—if various images would chang—if I gave them a slack-jawed mouth to match the pout of the modern female model. How would the Mona Lisa appear? (actually she looks like Madonna and this was unintended). What about Slackjaw Hitler? What about Cub Scout Slackjaw? Lance Armstrong Slackjaw? Or Jock Slackjaw? (actually Michael Hayden Church reference) I thought about doing Shaq Slackjaw, but realized he already has a slackjaw most of the time. Here they are in a series I call "Slack Jaw Gone Amuck"!

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