Thursday, May 25, 2006

May 25, 2006
T. Charles and Kendra took off from Philadelphia, PA on Monday morning and drove straight through to Cave Creek. It took 48 hours and 28 minutes to drive 2,650 miles. Tomas said the prettiest part of the trip was in western Virginia. As I mentioned yesterday, they lived off tuna in a can until they got to New Mexico and Tomas related he just couldn’t take it any longer and got off at Tucumcari, and started looking for some bonifide Mexican food. He chose Elena’s (good name, good odds for home-made food) and it had all the earmarkings of a “real-deal-find” except, alas, the beans were out of a can and the green chile was, according to the T-Man, “Muy disappoint-tay.”

Another True West Moment
“Got a question for you. Was Ike Clanton a bully and whiney little coward as depicted in the movies Tombstone and Wyatt Earp?"
—George Gingerich, Birmingham, Alabama

Yes, the movies have portrayed Ike pretty negatively. Wyatt claimed Ike "talked too much for a fighting man," and that comment has pretty much tainted Clanton for all time. Ike, however, did have his supporters and they thought of him as more than a whining bully. Listen to this remembrance from somone who knew him in Charleston (outside Tombstone and near Clanton’s Lewis Springs Ranch): "Ike attempted to get between the gunmen and Billy Clanton during the fight. . .Ike was a moody and broken man after the fight. He would have chosen to die with, or instead of Billy, than to have lived and seen his young brother shot down.” The cowboy, F.R. Shearer, also claimed Ike never carried a pistol.

And here's what the same old cowboy said about John Ringo: "The outlaw John Ringo, rescued so many girls from the Tombstone dance halls, and paid their stage fare back home that Mayor Charles Thomas often said, 'What the world needs, is more John Ringos.'"

My guess is that Ike Clanton was more complex than he has been made out to be. He certainly is responsible for getting his younger brother killed, and although he may have had fine traits, it's believable to me that he went down hill from there.

Understanding Guy Behavior #246
Most guys believe that they're supposed to know how to fix things. This is a responsibility that guys have historically taken upon themselves to compensate for the fact that they never clean the bathroom. A guy can walk into a bathroom containing a colony of commode fungus so advanced that it is registered to vote, but the guy would never dream of cleaning it, because he has to keep himself rested in case a Mechanical Emergency breaks out.
- Dave Barry

“It’s official. True West is the Entertainment Sponsor of the 17th Annual Western Artwalk in downtown Scottsdale, Arzioan. October 19th, 7-9pm.”
—Joel Klasky

Five Favorite Onion Headlines
Jeff Gordon Never Gets Tired Of Seeing Face On Cheap Plastic Crap

Copies of Da Vinci Code Litter Crash Site

Bill Maher Spends All Night Arguing With Republican Hooker

Teen Gives Up Smoking Pot After Seeing Parents High

Goth Kid Builds Scary-Ass Birdhouse

News From The Front Lines
“Pat Beville from Homer Glen, IL called and subscribed today. He found TW at a Phoenix Airport newsstand and got home and subscribed.”
—Carole Glenn

Yoga Anyone?
“Whatever is flexible and loving will tend to grow; whatever is rigid and blocked will wither and die.”

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