Saturday, December 16, 2006

December 16, 2006
Last night’s party at the Brink’s was a hoot and a half. Great food, good wine and lots of laughs. Marshall Trimble joined us and he kept it lively. Dan and Darlene Harshberger came out also, and brought photos of the Tongan wedding. I’m still waiting for the reception photos to post. Kathy ranked it as one of the top events of her life and “most amazing wedding.”

This morning we got up at seven and I made birthday pancakes for the T-Boy. It is actually my birthday (I turn 60 in two days). Got the song and the candle and a DVD collector’s edition of Preston Sturges films.

Tomas and I are making plans for the trip. The girls want to relax and I made Kathy a $100 bet she couldn’t do it, so here we go. Tomas and I are making makeshift, oversized name tags which we will wear across our chests when we drive down to meet Deena. They say: “I am the Decider,” and “I’m with the Decider.” I’ll wear the latter.

This is a backpacking trip so we are going light. One pair of pants, five changes of underwear, no computers, etc. Never done this. We also have no reservations at any of the hotels or even on the train. Goiing totally "res free". Our kids have done this all ove the world, so we are trusting their experience.

In terms of reading material, Tommy is making room for The Conquest of Don Pedro to read on the trip and I asked him to bring my copy of Blood Meridian to reread since it takes place in the area where we’re headed. Speaking of Conquest:

“I just received my 54 cent, hardback, copy of THE CONQUEST OF DON PEDRO that I purchased via it has to be the best bargain I have come across in a very long time! It is a 1954 Literary Guild Club edition, complete with semi-pulpish artwork on the dust jacket, and--better yet--it contains the original Literary Guild "Wings" pamphlet for July 1954 which is totally devoted to Fergusson's novel (also complete with pulpish artwork), I am attaching some poorly done photos of my bargain purchase for you to check out. Haven't had the chance to start reading the book, yet--but am anxiously looking forward to the opportunity. I will let you know what I think of that ending as soon as I get to it!”
—Chris Casey, Maniac #946, Sierra Vista, AZ

More from the road when I can. Hasta.

”Ah’ll Be Back.”
—Ahnuld Schwartz-en-negro

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