Wednesday, December 27, 2006

December 27, 2006 Bonus Blog
Thomas Charles flies home to Philly tonight. We're taking him to the airport at four, but not before we eat dinner at Taco Villa and see "Apocalypto." Speaking of Tom, he took along "The Conquest of Don Pedro" to read and several times commented he couldn't think of a better book to read in Mexico. Deena is reading it now. Meanwhile, I just got this from the Distinguished Top Secret Writer:

"Forgot to tell you that our Billy the Kid author Harvey Fergusson is also the author of Life of Riley—which was his biggest commercial success and the source of the 1950s William Bendix TV show. Go figure."

I actually remember watching that show. When we got our first Television set in Swea City, Iowa in 1954, that was one of the first shows I think I saw. Amazing. Harvey Fergusson from the Life of Riley to The Conquest of Don Pedro to Who Remembers Billy the Kid. Now that's a stretch!

Came home for lunch and worked on a couple little sunset riders for the Top Secret Project, inspired by the Mexican vistas I witnessed South of the Border. Here they are:

"If you were given a nickname descriptive of your character, would you be proud of it?"
—Jackass McGill

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