Wednesday, December 06, 2006

December 6, 2006
Been working hard on mules and muley reference. Here's a couple of pages out of my sketchbook, and by the way I'm up to 2,633 sketches (six a day) without missing a day. Pretty proud of that:

Also, our crew from Vegas is back and they took this photo of the booth last weekend. Left to right, Samantha Somers (seated), Trish Brink, Joel Klasky, Bethany Braley and Sue Lambert. They handed out many thousands of source books and we have Jolyn (Charlie and Linda Waters' daughter) working there even as you read this. So there's still time to go by and get a free one at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center.

Last night Kathy and I drove down into the Beast for the annual Arizona Republic Christmas Party at the Phoenix Art Museum. My fellow cartoonist, Steve Benson, shocked me with the news that he's getting a divorce (29 years!). Nice talking to all my old friends who used to work at New Times but now they toil for the Evil Empire (as we used to refer to the R&G when we were high on life and full of piss and vinegar). More later.

I have a film crew here and we're going out to my house to tape gunfighter stuff for educational purposes, of course.

"I destroy my enemy by making him my friend."
—Abraham Lincoln

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