Monday, April 02, 2007

April 1, 2007
“Bozer sounds like a great name for a new sky piece. Bet they would sell well
on you online store. Is there anywhere I can call up a detailed pic?”

“I tried not to do this but I could not resist. My sincerest apologies
for the following suggestions

• El Buddy Boze

• El T Double U

• El Hatkiller

• El Maniac

• El Chicken Rancher

• El "Grand" O Bucks

“The May issue is excellent, as always. I enjoyed the articles on Billy
and I appreciate you having some space devoted to John Wayne.”
—Hugh Howard

“Why not call the hat crease The Boze? Simple, memorable, and loaded with
—Emma Bull

“You are keeping me up at night with this. the Boze sounds good. The Boze B
is also another option, as well as the B Boze B. Could be a good brand. I like
the B Boze B brand.”
—S. Grant Sergot

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