Friday, April 06, 2007

April 6, 2007 Bonus, Bonus, Blog
Tom Tumus came by and gave back a TW check for $473. Claims we don't owe him the money. Carole's not here so I told him I'd check on it Monday.

Now Ron's gone and it's just Sylvia and I (she was here earlier too). Going to meet friends up at AZ Wine at 6:15 and then we're going to eat at Easy Street Bistro, who have been doing heavy email campaigns, sending us menus for their custom dinners on Friday and Saturday night. They aren't open to the public. Anyway, we finally decided to try them. Ah, those email campaigns work, don't they?

Here's one more page of red-ryder-roof-shooters-studies. Very nice and loose. Hope I can capture some of that in the finals. Many of the San Elizario shooters got up on the flat roofs and fired on the Texas Rangers.

English Numbers And Fun With Wild Bill
"A thought for you: have you noticed the fact that the number '10' not only played a part in the death of Hickok on August 2, 1876, but also Jack Slade? To be specific, Slade was hanged on March 10, 1864 by the Vigilantes; but if you add 1+8+6+4 you get 19 which is 1+9= 10. Similarly, Hickok's year of birth was 1+8+3+7 which again totals 19 or 10. And as a final figure, 8/2 for August 2 also equals 10—chilling isn't it?

" I enjoyed the latest issue on Billy the Kid, but I wish someone had taken time to point out that his real name was Henry McCarty and that much of the research into his earlier years was done by the late lamented Waldo Koop who unearthed details of his time spent as an urchin at Wichita.

"My best, and a Happy Easter to you all."

— Joe Rosa, England

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