Friday, April 13, 2007

April 13, 2007
Unexpected rain storm blew in last night. Really came down. My cousin's daughter had a rehearsal dinner scheduled for an outdoor steakfry down in Scottsdale. I imagine that got mighty wet. The wedding is this afternoon and Kathy and I are attending.

The Top Secret Writer is flying in today for a confab and a Book Fair this weekend.

Abby Pearson came in on her day off, to help Robert Ray and I finish CGIII. I whipped out a painting of PIke Landusky this morning. Could have been sweet, but I had to rush it. Hate that.

I had great reference from our shoot last June up in Cody. We had a great Pike Landusky model, Candy Moulton rented us a great skunk cap ($25 down, and $25 when the video goes to market). And along with Preston and Steve Randolph of Cactus Productions we filmed in a saloon at Trail Dust Town.

"When Imus is sitting there with that cowboy hat on, he looks like Wyatt AAARP.'"
—Dennis Miller, as reported from Mark Boardman

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