Tuesday, April 24, 2007

April 24, 2007
Working on the Hugh O'Brian painting. Finished sketches yesterday afternoon, and of course, gravitated to an outrageous satire on the assigned theme of O'Brian as Wyatt Earp. I'll post that sketch later. Robert Ray is still struggling with linking all of the computers in our office and the scanner is not hooked up yet.

Balloon Feedback
"Though I'm one of the guys encouraging you to experiment, I'll add a note of caution: When artists start messing around with type, they can forget that the most important thing about lettering is being able to read it. So think high contrast, and don't rule out dark type on a light background. But if you're loving the white letters, that's cool. It is striking. 
" One suggestion for the current examples: Rectangular word balloons seem wrong to me. One old convention you might keep is having rectangles for narration and ovals or rounded corners for dialogue. In any case, the page looks great!" 
—Will Shetterly 

"You might not agree, but I found that dialogue coming from an unopened mouth unbelievable. The box instead of a balloon is fine."
—Steve Lodge

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