Wednesday, April 11, 2007

April 11, 2007 Bonus Blog
Four of us are slaving over the sprawling layouts for CGIII. Actually, five of us, counting Mark Boardman, who has been ferrreting out and confirming specific dates, like this:

• Bitter Creek Newcomb and Charlie Pierce went to the Dunn ranch on May 1, 1895. They were shot in the early morning hours of May 2. Bitter Creek was finished off later that morning when he revived in the back of a wagon that the Dunns were using to transport the outlaws' bodies to town.

• Bill Tilghman arrested Bill Doolin in the bathhouse of the Davy Hotel in Eureka Springs on January 15, 1896.

• Doolin, Dynamite Dick and 13 others broke out of jail in Guthrie at about 8:45pm on July 5, 1896.

• Doolin was gunned down by Heck Thomas and posse on August 24, 1896.

Both Robert Ray and Abby Pearson are tweaking layouts for the 26 gunfights covered in the book, and Meghan Saar is double and triple-checking facts and grammar. Several pages still hanging out, mainly for art, but there is always little stuff, like isbn numbers, copyright info. dust jacket copy, credits page credits and on and on.

I went home for lunch and tried to knock out a firing squad scene but blew it. Probably didn't help any that I was bragging this morning how great I have been doing. ha.

Jesse James Is Looking Good
"Advance word -- for what it's worth -- actually has it that the Brad Pitt Jesse James movie is very good. Apparently the studio thinks the prime release time would be November, so that's what we're looking at."
—Allen Barra

"I'd rather not sing than sing quiet."
— Janis Joplin

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