Saturday, April 19, 2008

April, 18, 2008
Nice and cool on walk this morning. Dogs really prancing. Need to enjoy it while I can. We've got about four more weeks of delightful temperatures, before the nuclear heat descends on us.

Ed and Rose Marie Mell came out yesterday and brought lunch. We sat out on the patio and had a very nice visit. Ed wanted a couple rooster reference photos for a painting he's contemplating so I took him in the chicken coop. He got several shots and smiled saying he could now write off the trip. Ha.

Frank Ricci and Deena came out today and Frank made fresh and non-greasy tacos with his patented marinated beef and homemade ingredients. Really good. Almost all the Radinas on earth came as well, including Betty, Debbie and Ken, Brad, E.J. and James (visiting from San Diego). Played Scategories and another word game. Yes, this is the first Mexican food I've had since the Wipeout Stent Session.

It's A Small World, General
"My first boss in the Quinn Martin costume department when I went to work on The Fugitive television series in 1965, was Elmer Ellsworth, a wonderful gentleman who had done the (uncredited) costume work on Gone With the Wind. Before he became a costumer, Elmer had been a young cameraman in the silent days. He was behind a camera which had been tied down on top of the train for The General; he was facing toward the rear of the train and wasn't aware there was a low overhanging something or other behind him. He was knocked off the top of the moving train and badly injured. By the time he healed up and haired over, his cameraman job was no longer available. That's how he ended up in the wardrobe end of the business."
—Steve Lodge

Finally got untracked on the Illinois book cover today. Put in a light wash of the main characters and feel good about it. Need to make hay tomorrow.

"Imagination is as good as many voyages—and how much cheaper."
—George William Curtis

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