Tuesday, April 08, 2008

April 8, 2008
Had a bit of a setback yesterday. Felt light-headed, weak. Perhaps the bike ride and partying over the weekend was a bit too much. Took it real easy. Feel better today. Went out on the road for a walk at about eight. Saw Joe Yaeger and his wife coming out of their driveway with Amy, the dog that got into it with Peaches several months back. Went back to the house and waited. Joe came down and we chatted about J.D., who's up in Utah. Sounds like he's got cabin fever. Wants to come down and cut the weeds on his house here. It would be great to see him.

Went an extra twenty yards on the walk. Took it slow.

Mike Torres and Gary Conrad returned my drums this afternoon. Gary also gave me a CD of his video which he shot of the entire practice, including the Wipeout sequence. Kind of hesitant to look at it. Mike also told me about the actual gig on Saturday night and how good the original Exits sounded (Charlie Waters, Steve Burford, Wayne Rutchman, Terry Mitchell) along with Larry Archer who filled my vacancy. Mike said he was especially proud of Burf, who he said, "nailed his parts very cleanly." Gary told me about how Charlie handled the MC chores and gave wonderful testimonies for myself, Wendell Havatone and his late sis Sara Ann.

Mike also told me about some of the people he was suprised to see, among them, Alan Tapija, Lynn Lichenring, Marsha Ely and Hubby Grounds. This made me the saddest because half the deal of doing the damn gig was to see all the people we hadn't laid eyes on in forty-some-odd years.

Awake At My Own Wake, Part III
"You are a very lucky man. The reunion saved your life!"
—Dr. Michael J. Richards (my cousin from Des Moines)

"I tried to get in but the bouncer at the door stopped me because my CPR certification had lapsed. Glad you're on the mend, amigo."
—Tom Carpenter

"Gordon said you just had to one up him. He gets Leukemia and so you have to let your heart stop. Said you always have to be number one. I'm actually pretty sure he caused your heart attack. Think back to when you had a bad cold and he started 'Kick the cowboy, win a potato.' It was so popular you ran out of potatoes."
—Heather The Weather Girl

Tell Gordon he's right. I was so pissed when I heard he had leukemia.

"F**k that. You can die. I want to be the leader for once. More Beatles – less Stones."
—Gordon Smith

"I hear you Chemo Sabe."

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