Saturday, April 05, 2008

April 5, 2008
Feel much better today. Went for a walk up the road with the dogs. Made it to Ratcliff's driveway, which is about 100 yards north of us. Dogs confused by the short route, but I was thrilled to be out walking.

Meanwhile, here's another narrative of the Last Wipeout:

The tragic episode at Saturday's Exits Exit practice began when Bob Bell performed "Wipe Out" with Ken Kingman and Larry Archer. We thought it was part of Bob's continued wild man performance.

Bob was playing his drumsticks on the floor, his bottom, jumping up, playing
on the wall, then throwing his sticks while heckling Ken. We were all laughing thinking "that's Bob!" pushing himself to the max! Bob retrieved one stick then Roger Enrico retrieved Bob's other stick, handing it back to Bob with a big smile. Bob layed his sticks on his drums. So I stopped taking pictures. As I walked back to my table to check my camera, I could hear people howling evidently more was going on. I turned back to see what I had missed. Roger tapped Bob with his foot saying. Bob you can get up now...
Hey Bob that's enough, stop kidding around. Bob, Come on Bob. I heard voices echoing from the crowd."I don't think he's kidding! Somebody help him!" "I think he's having a heart attack!"

"Anyone know CPR?" "Call 911!"

I felt helpless seeing our friend lying on the floor. I felt an overwhelming need to pray ....just pray. Tell everyone to pray. Bob was face down, unrecognizable.

Gary said, Who is this guy? It's Bob!!! It's Bob!!! Gary was filming everything up to the point that Bob ended "Wipe Out". Gary straddled Bob's legs and worked Bob's sternum and back like a bellows.

Terry Mitchell took over starting CPR....Cody Rutschman cleared Bob's passage way and began giving Bob mouth to mouth resuscitation. Terry Mitchell had completed a training course in C.P.R. only days before.

Gary Conrad coached them on...don't break his ribs! ...breathe....Wayne's wife helped set the pace of compressions and breaths to give. My husband Mel lifted Bob's wrist and felt to see if he had a pulse.

"I feel a weak pulse" Then Bob vomited, Mel said roll him on his side!

I ran into the kitchen with another woman looking for paper towels. She quickly grabbed them and ran back to help. I followed her.

Cody Rutschman turned resuscitation over to his dad Wayne Rutschman. Mel and Gary got out of the way to go help get the front doors open. It was stuck. Gary Conrad stepped up and kicked it loose. Terry Mitchell and Wayne Rutschman continued to give Bob C.P.R....

"Waiting on pins and needles" has a whole new meaning for me now. Minutes felt like hours, where's that ambulance! What's taking them so long?

I called 911 again, the dispatcher said we've already received several calls. Give them a few minutes they're on the way. Please tell them to hurry! He's still purple...just tell them to please hurry...

Charlie Waters and Ken Kingman ran down the street to the fire dept. It was only a half a block away. Charlie and Ken had a mission. To get Bob help by hurrying the paramedics up one way or another. The paramedics were just leaving, help was on it's way. Upon arrival the paramedics continued the cardiac treatment.

Asking questions about Bob's medical history. Why are they asking me? I filled out the clipboard while Charlie gave me the information. Bob's wife Kathy was on Charlie's cell phone giving us more medical history. Kathy was already waiting at the ER for the Ambulance to transport Bob.

The paramedics tried to clear Bob's airway bending his head back and inserting a long tube down his throat. They placed an oxygen mask over his face. Another paramedic was inserting I.V's for any medications needed. Things were looking very grim as they then placed electrodes on his chest. The word "CLEAR" rang in my ears, disbelief setting hard in my throat. Praying please God let Bob live, please God, give him back! The emotional level was tremendous. There wasn't a dry eye. We all prayed for a miracle. Our prayers were answered that day.

Bob started breathing. Praise God! Bob was then transported to the hospital ER. I said, "Take care of our boy" One of the paramedics motioned me over..."It's not good" It's really not good"

"If you know of some other power"...I said don't worry we've got it covered....I was a bit perturbed, but continued to pray, Vern Andrews stood by me, are you praying? Yes "I haven't stopped praying Bebe...I'll keep praying.

John Waters walked over and asked if he could join me in prayer.Ken Kingman said he was praying and wouldn't stop praying. At one time we all held hands and bowed our heads and prayed together.

This was for you Bob, if you could have witnessed the love that poured out for you, your heart would have turned into solid gold. We were all so numb, it was hard to focus, nothing mattered at that time. Nothing seemed important...only your life.

We heard Bob underwent a procedure to place two stints into his clogged arteries which stabilized him. Bob should get an award or something! Bob brought us all back to a new connection. A new Exits Family. To forgotten times, when nothing mattered but our closest friends and relatives. Bob this story will be told around the campfires. This was an awakening. Bob's wife said "the show must go on", Bob would want you to perform for him. Everyone met back at The Elks buildings that evening to make Bob proud. The main link had been broken that day, but everyone helped hold it together.

"This was a very heartfelt tribute for family and friends" For those whom had passed away, and to Bob that actually made a brief exit...but came back. We all have witnessed miracles. This one won't ever be forgotten. The Exits Exit was almost the "real deal" that day.
—BeBe Doshier

Thanks BeBe. One suggestion, if you do tell this story aroundthe campfire could you eliminate the vomit part?

Just kidding.

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