Monday, April 21, 2008

April 21, 2008
Kathy drove us into Paradise Valley last night and we stopped at Costco to get some new glasses for me (when I fell off my drum set I landed on my glasses). From there we drove down to PV Mall to meet the Harshberger's for an early dinner at Chompie's Deli. I usually get the pastrami on rye with cold slaw (The famous New Yorker) but I was a good boy and split a turkey sandwich and had a cup of tomato soup (the D's bought).

Got up early at six and had a challenge from Kathy. Can I bail into my work first thing in the morning and put off reading the paper and answering emails until 11? Oh, I think I can. Finished the Illinois book cover assignment at about ten. Felt good.

After lunch I took the Budster and we drove up to the Black Mountain Feed Store and got a sack of Laymash for the chickens ($13 cash, plus $1 tip for the guy who loaded it in the truck). Brought it home and successfully unloaded the sack into the back yard and into the chicken bin. Spike, the Silkie rooster, has got all dominant and won't let Bea-53 eat. He runs over and pecks her down and she is forced into the fetal position. She tries to sneak food and run off, but he chases her down with his dominance deal. So, I have trained Bea to sit up on the nesting bins as I come in the door and as I distract the others, I give her an apple slice or some such goodie as I spill out the regular food in the dining area. Bea has become so familiar with me she jumped on my back the other day when I came in. Which is a little more hen cuddling than I actually want.

Kathy's challenge really freed me up this morning. I have been wrestling with changing my life, or at least shaking up the way I approach things. I've gotten some good advice from Charlie Waters and his son Rich, as well. Gee, I wonder if that Baldwin chick has anything to add?

"When you're stuck in a spiral, to change all aspects of the spin you need only change one thing."
—Christina Baldwin

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