Sunday, April 06, 2008

April 6, 2008
Went up the road this morning and met my goal of making it ten yards further than yesterday. Still quite weak, but I'm improving slowly but surely.

Wonderful Russ and Wendy came out Friday night and brought food from Saba's. Lots of laughs and fun. Minnesota Mike Melrose came out yesterday and we watched the Final Four and told lies. Kathy ordered out for Barros' pizza ($45, includes big tip) and that felt good.

Awake At My Own Wake
I've received such a mountain of cards, letters and emails from the most amazing places, I feel like I'm peeking in on my own funeral. Of course with my set of friends, the sentiments run from the humble to the humbling. Here are a few, and I'll try to run several a day, so you can get a taste:

"No more Gatoraid for you pal. Like my Mum says, 'You better be careful' or you'll have to deal with her and I wouldn't wish that on you. Glad you're feeling better. Very traumatic time for everyone after reading your blog. Better get rid of those damn chickens, must have been the eggs that got ya.+
—Julie Smith

[Actually, Kathy told me the first thing I wanted to know when I regained consciousness in the hospital and I couldn't talk, but wrote her a note: "How are my chickens and dogs?"]

"Glad you didn’t try to exit during one of those True West jams . . . you might have gotten mouth-to-mouth from Minnesota Mike!"
—Gus Walker

[Gus is referring to a couple of lunchtime concerts he, Mike Torres and I put on for the True West staff. Interesting to know that Richard Pryor had the same sentiment, below:]

"Richard Pryor talking to someone needing CPR: Pryor: 'Unless you get somebody to wipe that s**t off your mouth, you ain't gonna make it.'"

"I hope that the song 'Wipe Out' will cease to be a negative in your past, and represent that you can wipe out all that crap. To me 'Wipe Out' represents alot of people who love you dearly and were in sheer fear that we might loose a one of a kind person. You got it all Bob--a beautiful family, you lay it down on the drums, on vocals on canvas, on the radio, your great magazine, and an army of people who are SOOOOOO relieved to still have you here.
Get all the rest you can my friend. There is alot more living to do, and we are all so grateful for that.

Your friend and huge fan
—Larry Archer

"Best wishes for a speedy recovery. You are a stalwart, and I hope to see you this summer at the WWHA meeting in Tulsa. I'll have good thoughts about you every day as I read your blog."
—Mark Dworkin, Toronto

"Well Buddy,that's one hell of a way to get some time off. Try to dream up something more enjoyable next time
you need a rest. I'm really glad you are back and doing better. A hospital is no place to get rest is it? What with
someone coming in every hour or two to poke or prod you somewhere. Do what Kathy tells you to do and follow
the Dr.'s orders. I have been recuperating for the last 15 months myself after a trip to the hospital and am trying
to learn to walk again so I know recovery can be a bitch. I'm just glad to see you back and wish all the best for
you and you family. I know that when something major happens with our health the family usually takes it
harder than we do. That's because they love us so much. I look forward to reading the blog. Keep up the
great work.+
—A fan and subscriber, Mike Gibson

"I think I've seen you perform 'Louie, Louie', 'Gloria' and 'Satisfaction' more then I've see the Beatles perform anything!!! And I'm a Beatle nut! The weather is beautiful. Hope all is well over in Cave Creek and you are able to enjoy it. Please say hello to Kathy from us."
—Heather The Weather Girl

"Last month I finally allowed Cox to upgrade our cable to an expanded digital service. Right away Encore Westerns was a big hit, (Can you really rig a Winchester to fire as fast as Chuck Conners in the Rifleman?) and there you were in my living room, doing True West q and a. I will see you and yell out, "Honey look, it's Bob Boze Bell!" She always yells back, " Who the hell is Bob Boze Bell!" I yell back, "You know, the etching of the two dead guys in the hay with a lot of chickens, that covers the fuse box at the back of the hall?...That Bob Boze Bell!" She yells back, "There's a fuse box under that?"

Bob, I have always connected with your work, from Honkytonk Sue on. Remember judging the country swing dance contest at Cactus Country with Kathy, Tex Earnhardt and some dufus rodeo cowboy..."That's not swing dancing!" I loved every minute of the morning show, and called almost everyday for years to join in. The books are great, the history is always so real and well researched, but the artwork always blows me away!

You have brought many laughs, dug up the facts, been a straight shooter and a kick in the pants. Thank you!

In the eighties your New Times strip covered your family vacation. You championed a theory of running the kids to tire them out before long periods of driving. Right?

Long may you run!


"Besides several heart attackes I feel good."
—Dick Cheney

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