Tuesday, January 12, 2010

January 12, 2010
Got some input on Arizona Charlie. For one thing, he evidently spelled it Arizona Charley. Here's some more info:

Marshall Trimble Weighs In On Arizona Charley
"Jayne Peace of Payson, authority on Arizona’s Mogollon Rim country, tells me Charley’s dad, John Moberly Meadows, was killed in the last Apache raid in the Payson area in 1882 and was the first person buried in the Payson Pioneer Cemetery. Also buried there are the bodies of Charley’s mother and his brother, Henry, who was also killed in the Indian raid.

“'Arizona Charley' Meadows, who went on to become a famous Wild West show performer, is buried in Yuma (it snowed the day he died in 1932).

"He was born in a snowstorm in normally dry Visalia CA, rode a horse named Snowstorm and the day he died it snowed in Yuma. He was a fascinating character. I talk about him in my live performances and refer to him as Arizona’s First Superstar.

"Charley’s brother, John Valentine Meadows, was shot in Gila County a few years after the Pleasant Valley War unpleasantness, but he recovered. He went back to California and became a drunk. John was murdered there in 1918 by an unknown assassin and is buried in the Los Angeles area."
—Marshall Trimble

Arizona Charlie Comments On Arizona Charley’s
Charlie Waters of Henderson, Nevada tells me there are two Arizona Charley’s casinos in the Vegas area. One is on the western side of the city, on Decatur Boulevard near Charleston. According to Marshall, descendants of Arizona Charley Meadows opened the casinos.

And this is a captured 8mm frame (above) of Charlie Waters belting out a song at the American Legion in 1964. And, yes, his ear appears to be burning.

“Success is largely a matter of hanging on after others have let go.”
—William Feather

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