Friday, January 29, 2010

January 29, 2010
Last night, Kathy and I met Deena Bean and Aaron up at C4 (Cave Creek Coffee Company) to take in Open Mike Night, hosted by Mad Coyote Joe. Stayed out way too late, but really enjoyed the music. I had forgotten how enriching music can be. One young guitarist told a story about being in Montana and meeting a pretty girl and she told him to meet her at Glacier Lake which was quite a hike, and, anyway, like so many frisky horndogs, he found himself driving halfway across the state, in the dark, and this song came to him: "Faraway Girls." And it was very insightful, in a Dan Fogerty kind of way, about the lengths guys go to for girls who are far away, sometimes in ways that are more than just physical distance.

Aaron closed the show and I enjoyed his two songs very much. Kind of reminded me of my days in the music biz:

Okay, maybe not.

Got packed this morning and headed out the door for Sky Harbor. About a mile from my house my cell phone rang and it was Lynda at the True West offices asking me if I was at the airport. She came in early and retrieved a frantic phone call from the Ranching Association. The Lubbock Airport is closed because of a major snow storm and they wanted to catch me before I took off. Whew! I was flying out of Phoenix at 11 to Vegas, changing planes and flying to Lubbock, arriving there at four, speaking at seven. Returning tomorrow the same way. Dodged a bullet on that one. They are going to reschedule my speech. Thanks Lynda!

Got this today, under the heading:

It's All Your Fault
"Awhile back you used Optimo hats (indirect) referral, and River Crossing (indirect)referral.. LOL.

"Then I had to order me the long Scout Coat from Mike at River Crossing. Just had to, lost control of myself. After I recovered from my loss of self-control, my new hat from Grant arrived.

"So new hat and Scout Coat within a week. I was dismayed at my weakness.

"Well what is my new Scout Coat worth, without a wonderful Hondo shirt to wear under it? I just don't know either. Both would be free-standing without the other, so my weakness came over me. My Hondo shirt will be coming next.

"My hat was really lonely. It wanted company of its own kind. We can't have that can we? So I had to talk with Grant again. My other new hat will be here soon. Maybe in time for it to keep company with its friend the other hat, and the Hondo shirt. Damn, ain't that pure beaver nice?

"Now since I get confused about these things. I figured I should let you know that it is all your fault for turning me on to those places.

"Now we could be twins for all I know. 'Cept I got me a 12" beard that gets tangled up in those buttons now and again. But that is OK. I sure am beautiful now."

"The greatest good you can do for another is not just share your riches, but to reveal to him his own."
—Benjamin Disraeli

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