Monday, January 18, 2010

January 18, 2010
When we talk about tall bad boys we have to include Native Americans. Mangas Coloradas (Red Sleeves) comes to mind:

The notorious Apache leader was reportedly six foot three. A wonderful description of him involves a group of anglo mountain men types encountering him in the mountains of New Mexico (I want to say in the Black Range east of Silver City) and they are all bundled up against the cold in fur and wool, and up comes Mangas in the snow, all but naked with a loin cloth, as comfortable as a sun bather on a balmy day at the beach.

Paul Andrew Hutton nominated Touch The Sky, I think that's the name. Evidently a Sioux warrior. Is there a photo of him? And do we know his actual height?

Just got this report from our features editor:

"There was Big Steve Long of Laramie, WY. He was a lawman/outlaw who was a bit too quick on the trigger. He and the Moyer brothers were lynched by vigilantes in 1868--the well-known photo shows Steve as a quite tall guy, supposedly 6'6".

"Dallas Stoudenmire was about 6'4".

"Bob Paul was estimated at 6'6". His weight fluctuated, although during the Tombstone troubles he was over 300 lbs. He later dropped a bunch of weight and got down to about 250.

"On the other end, John Slaughter was about 5'5" (I've got a pair of his chaps and he was small, even by the standards of that day).

"If we're looking at some outlaws, Ben Kilpatrick (The Tall Texan) was about 6'3". [Dan Buck disputes this and says one of his prison charts notes he was close to six foot.]

"Bill Longley was 6'1" or so.

"On the short end of the stick, Ed Maxwell was about 5'3" and his brother Lon an inch or two taller."
—Mark Boardman

"The race doesn't always go to the fastest and the strongest but that's how to bet."
—Damon Runyan

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