Tuesday, January 19, 2010

January 19, 2010
Got this missive this morning:

"I have to finally speak up. You keep writing dribble while the world is collapsing around your ears. There aren’t a whole lot of 'good historical' people about.

"Your web site has seen a massive desertion of positive contributors while you keep writing dribble! I don’t mean to belittle what you have to say, but it’s insignificant compared to what’s happening around you!

"That magazine deserves to fold unless you open your eyes. H E L L O. The Sky is falling."
—Morgan S. Earp, And I’m pissed at you for ignoring it!

Everyone on our site is free to speak their mind as you have just done. And everyone is free to go where they want to go. It was unfortunate that a group left over a string of posts that I started. For that I take responsibility. I thought we could all talk about Brokeback and laugh about it and remain civil. I was wrong.

I still admire and respect most of the people who left. Some I do not miss at all.

Our membership is growing every day and people are still expressing their passions about the West. Not sure how that is tantamount to "the sky is falling."

I'll post your comments along with some other dribble later today.


End of exchange.

“It’s necessary in order to attract attention, to dazzle at all costs, to be diapproved of by serious people, and quoted by the foolish.”
—Jill Jonhston

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