Thursday, January 21, 2010

January 21, 2010
The third storm is upon us. Started last night about 1:30 in the morning and it has been drizzling and dribbling ever since. Washes all running (I go through 5 on my way into town) but nothing major yet, although our yoga instructor, Debbie P., did not make it in this morning (she lives across from us on the other side of Cave Creek).

The Daily Dribble
If you are reading this sitting down, please, for your own good, stand up. Turns out sitting is deadly. Especially if you sit for long stretches like we do who work on computers all day. Several new studies suggest we are more likely to be fat, have a heart attack and die. I hate to admit it, but I resemble those remarks, especially in the attack area. Been there, had one, don't want another.

So, when I read this sitting at the kitchen table this morning, I immediately stood up and kept standing for about 20 minutes while I finished the Arizona Republic. I'd like to say I'm writing this standing up, but my desk is too friggin' low. Robert Ray has suggested putting our desks up on blocks and perhaps even adding a treadmill. That sounds funny, but I'll bet if I live long enough it will be standard equipment in the workspace of the future.

Speaking of predicting the future, it's quite amazing to me that with the release of Avatar, 3-D is finally such a big deal after all this time ($1.65 billion in ticket sales!). I remember seeing a couple 3-D movies at the State Theatre in Kingman in the mid-1950s and they were quite cheesy and not very good (both the movies and the effects). In fact, 3-D quickly became a bad joke (see quote below). Remember that famous Life magazine photo:

Photo of movie-goers in 1952 by J.R. Eyerman. Man, don't they look goofy? Well, here we are a half century later and the market finally caught up with the technology. Or, is it the other way around? And, by the way, what's next? Hula Hoops?

"I'm waiting for 3-D."
—Jackie Gleason as Ralph Kramdem, 1955, using it as an excuse not to buy a new television set on The Honeymooners

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