Saturday, January 16, 2010

January 16, 2010
Drove down into the Beast this morning to meet with two guys from Second City (the famous Chicago comedy improv group whose alums include John Belushi, John Candy and half the cast members of almost every season of SNL). They are working on a show for the Arizona Theatre Company to be called "Close But No Saguaro," which will play in Tucson and Phoenix in a couple months. The two young writers were looking for material on the two cities and Arizona so myself and three other media types (to be named later) met at ten at the Breakfast Club, 4400 N. Scottsdale Road.

The place is quite hip, with great food and was slammed with very attractive people. As one of the newspaper guys told me while we waited for a table, his office is nearby, and he finds it fun to go in on the weekends and watch all the awkward diners, who obviously hooked up the night before at a nightclub and now are sharing, what he terms "The Breakfast of Shame."

I later met up with T. Charles and Kathy for lunch at a new place in North Scottsdale called The Kitchen and when I told this to my son, he laughed and told me this is a takeoff on The Walk of Shame, which is usually, but not exclusively, a young woman in high heels walking to her car on Saturday or Sunday morning and everyone who sees her knows exactly what she did, thus The Walk of Shame.

I'm tempted to say I need to get out more, but it would be a lie. I did my time in that scene.

"I'm gonna wait til the ten o'clock hour, when my drool comes tumbling down."
—Wilson Pick it, Sr.

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