Monday, January 25, 2010

January 25, 2010
Tonight is the broadcast premiere of the PBS American Experience show Wyatt Earp which I worked on. If you see fast moving clouds, I helped the crew find those locations on a scouting trip to Cochise County last Spring, and if you hear ridiculous statements about Wyatt Earp, that's Jim Dunham.

That's a joke. All of us who are talking heads are at the mercy of the writers and producers who can edit and fashion theories from even the most careful answers.

Speaking of Tombstone, here are my lineup sketches for the Size Matters series we are creating: This is for the O.K. Corral Edition. Starting with Virgil, Wyatt and Morgan Earp:

This is actually a rendering of the city marshal, Virgil Earp, but supposedly all three Earp brothers were the same height and weight: six foot and 165 pounds.

I did a Doc Holliday but he ended up in the Pinhead school of art (if I didn't know better I'd say Thom Ross drew it):

Meanwhile, on the other side of the lot, is Tom McLaury:

Gee, he looks a little like Richard Ignarski, doesn't he? He should, that's who I used for a model (see this morning's post). Next up, is Tom's brother Frank:

Arguably the most dangerous of the cowboys, Wyatt said he shot Frank first to take him out of the fight. Although gut shot on the first fire, Frank did some damage, hitting Morgan Earp across the shoulder blades, Virgil Earp in the calf of his leg and John Holliday in the hip, although Doc's holster deflected the bullet.

I seem to remember the McLaury's were about 5.11 and Billy Clanton at six foot and his brother Ike at 5.10. I also seem to remember that Johnny Behan was about 5.11. Need to confirm all these. If you know, I'll be much oblidged.

"Tall Paul, he's my all, Bob Paul six foot six is all."
—Old Pop Song

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