Thursday, March 11, 2010

March 11, 2010
Mark Boardman is working on a cover story that is quite amazing: it includes a white In-din, a rodeo champ, a basketball star and a deadly Wild West shootout. Going to be a great one. Just read Mark's rough draft before lunch. Goes to press in a week. Dan The Man is busy doing a cover. Should come up this afternoon. Can't show it to you because it's top secret (at this point).

Talked to Celeste today about the response to her graphic novel and the responses on this site. I have to admit I am encouraged by the response and believe she is onto something. She is a renowned artist in her own right. If you don't believe me, check out her site right here.

She asked me if I knew that a rival magazine reads my blog and I said, "Well, I hope so." Part of the reason for doing this is to entertain and inspire our competition. That would be you: Cowboys & Indians, Wild West, American Cowboy, and Naked Cowgirls of Montana.

Sometimes I Get Requests That Are On The Outer Edge of My Abilities:
Have you heard anything from Sam Elliott or Tom Selleck? These two top western actors seemed to have turned their backs on them. Not to mention Kevin Costner. If you ever talk to them, tell them to get off their keisters and get back in the saddle. Their fans are screaming for more westerns and not the stuff they've been putting out lately. Adios!

John, the next time I see Sam, Kevin and Tom I'll give them the message.

Playing with design elements more than anything. And here's another take on Tom Horn for Mickey Free:

He was barrel-chested, wore a bibbed shirt and shotgun chaps. I'm getting closer to capturing the lanky bastardo. I realized this morning, Woody Harrellson is the actor with the closest demeaner and look of the Apache packer.

Also working on a tough perspective of the Burnside rifle duel in Tubac that we recently covered in True West. But these sketches are for the Arizona Republic version of layout:

It's a very tricky perspective and I had Robert Ray take a series of photo reference of my cheapest model out back of the True West World Headquarters.

Dan's cover just came up and it is a winner. Dan The Man is three for three. He is on a roll!

"Never hold discussions with the monkey when the organ grinder is in the room."
—Sir Winston Churchill

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