Wednesday, March 31, 2010

March 31, 2010
Lots of discussion around here about Old Arizona vs. New Arizona. Yesterday I sold the '49 Ford to a gentleman from Michigan who is in love with it because this model and year was his first car. My son is sad, but the pack rats were really doing serious damage and I know that it's going to a good home where someone will take care of it.

Speaking of old vs. new Arizona, an excellent comment from Clay Thompson in the Arizona Republic on Tuesday. Some yahoo newcomer asked him in Clay's column: "Whenever I see that a woodpecker has started a hole in our saguaros, I insert a ball of aluminum foil into the hole. That seems to hinder their pecking and the hole remains small."

Clay's classic answer: "Woodpeckers peck holes in saguaros. Other birds nest in those holes. The saguaros seal up those wounds from the inside. Holes don't kill them.

"But if you plug up these perfectly natural holes with aluminum foil or something like that, you risk trapping water in the cavity, which will lead to possibly fatal rot.

"Look: . . .we live in the desert. Woodpeckers peck holes in saguaros. Coyotes gobble up unguarded small pets. Roadrunners whomp their prey to a pulp. Rattlesnakes are dangerous. We don't have day-light-saving time. Many of our legislators are clowns.

"Get over it."

Perfect. Really sums up my feelings. Thanks Clay.

Working on more True West Moments for the Republic. Worked up a new take on Martha Summerhayes freaking out over bad fashion in 1872 Arizona:

"If I owned Hell and Arizona, I'd live in Hell and rent out Arizona."
—Some 1865 Snowbird Peckerwood named General Sheridan

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