Tuesday, March 16, 2010

March 16, 2010
Several days ago I posted one of Bob Stinson's "grave babes" as Trish Brink calls them. With my blessing, Mr. Stinson has taken several Las Vegas show girls to Old West graves and posed them with the grave of an True West legend. Here is the photo of Debbie Dayton at Alferd Packer's snow covered grave in Littleton, Colorado:

The Top Secret Writer came out yesterday and we had a fine lunch at Tonto Bar & Grill where we discussed finishing Mickey Free, among other things. After lunch Paul Hutton came back to the True West World Headquarters and saw this photo on my desktop (for some reason, one of the image settings, CMYK, does not allow the photo to show up on Microsoft computers. We were in the process of changing it to RGB when Hutton did a doube take). Paul said he loves the idea and the image and the obvious talents of the model, but doesn't think it belongs in our magazine.

So, what does a distinguished professor of history at a major university know about historically accurate show girls paying tribute to Western icons? Quite a bit, actually, but he doesn't think it belongs in True West magazine.

What do you think?

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