Monday, March 29, 2010

March 29, 2010
Here's a request I got yesterday:

Dear Bob,
I live in the northeast corner of Tennessee--Bristol--but I have always had horses and have always been a cowboy at heart. For years I have wanted to fulfill a dream of riding an authentic stagecoach in open country, not some tourist ride down a paved street in a contraption that doesn't even look like a stagecoach. I have made two trips to Lincoln, New Mexico only to find the stage line there was not running due to some problem or another. Now I read in the latest issue of True West that the Lincoln stage line is defunct. Can you give me some guidance on how I could have a real ride in a stagecoach before I pass on. Time is getting short. I am 70 years old. Thanks for anything you can do and thanks for providing me with the best reading material in circulation every month.
—Howard Taylor

I have assured Howard that we will find him an authentic stagecoach ride. In fact, I wouldn't mind if we found him several in different parts of the West. Let's find him an authentic, six up rig that will blow his hair back. Any suggestions?

"Well, hello Curly."
—famous sequence from Stagecoach

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