Tuesday, March 16, 2010

March 16, 2010
Worked this morning on a scratchboard for a Classic Gunfight we're working on about the killing of Florentino Cruz on the so-called Wyatt Earp vendetta ride.

After the killing of Frank Stilwell in the Tucson train station, Earp went back to Tombstone, gathered up a posse of mostly gambler friends and rode out to South Pass in search of suspects, like Pete Spence and others, who Wyatt ascertained had been involved in the assassination of his brother Morgan.

Spence was not there, but Wyatt asked if the men in the wood camp had seen any saddled horses in the vicinity, then they rode off and within a few moments the witnesses heard firing. Here's the scratchboard of the Earp gang thundering through the sagebrush:

As several Earp authors have pointed out, when Earp killed Florentino, he had gone rogue.

Earp gave three different versions of how, and why, the killing took place and we're going to cover that in detail. Stay tuned.

"A man is fortunate if he encounters living examples of vice, as well as of virtue, to inspire him."
—Brendan Francis

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