Friday, March 12, 2010

March 12, 2010
I noticed I got a rise out of a few gents yesterday when I mentioned a certain magazine (Naked Cowgirls From Montana). Well, it just so happens that a friend of mine, Bob Stinson, who is a Vegas git-picker of some renown has a twin obsession: Vegas showgirls and outlaw graves.

I know, I know: twin obsession. It's a Vegas thing, but it works on several levels, no?

He asked me if I would be interested in a feature where he went to various cemeteries in the West and brought along one of his favorite showgirls to pose at the grave. I thought it was so outrageous, I told him to go do a couple and let me see what it looks like. Well, here's what it looks like:

This is Debbie Dayton at Alferd Packer's grave in Littleton, Colorado. He also took two other showgirls, one to Doc Holliday's grave and two others to the Clanton's grave and Warren Earp's grave. Want to see those?

"I was born as pure as the driven snow. But I drifted."
—Mae West

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