Tuesday, July 13, 2010

July 13, 2010
We're finishing up our big Classic Rodeo issue. Dan The Man has outdone himself once more, designing a wonderful retro cover that speaks to tradition but yells excitement. Thanks Dan!

Went for a walk at six (too hot by 6:30). Met Joe Y. on the road. He just got back from a tractor tour of the midwest. Went up and down the Mississippi, visited the John Deere plant at Moline and a gun museum on Armory Island, I think he said.

Craig Schepp came out yesterday and bought the cover scratchboard for Blazing Pols, our January cover story and it also ran in the Arizona Republic last Sunday illustrating a True West Moment on the Mesilla Republicans vs. Democrats shootout that left 15 dead and perhaps 500 wounded.

Speaking of scratchboards, I got back from my walk with the Peachtree and pulled two scratchboards out of the failure pile. This first scratchboard had been in the pile for about two years and I would see it from time to time and it would say to me, "Finish me. I know you had high hopes for me, I'm sorry you tubed it." Amazingly it fell together in about fifteen minutes:

The rider is in the sliver of light, left-center. Meanwhile, feeling recharged I grabbed another canyon piece. this is how it looked before:

So I tweaked it and added a couple runners, tweaked the water, toned back the rear canyon wall and it came out rather nice:

This is for the Mickey Free sequence where the Apache kids have to run to the top of a mountain with a mouth full of water and bring back a pinecone. By the way, I posted it about a year ago, but it wasn't working. This is much stronger.

I'm reading "Listen To The Echoes: The Ray Bradbury Interviews" by Sam Weller. I always find Bradbury inspiring.

"Action is hope. There is no hope without action."

—Ray Bradbury

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