Monday, July 05, 2010

July 5, 2010
Yesterday, my son, 27, came out with his girlfriend and grandma Betty and we had homemade tacos (Mexico) and Dos Equis Amber (ditto) to celebrate the Fourth of July. My son, who, like me is a big basketball fan (Suns, U of A Wildcats, hates Duke, Lakers so his prejudices are in order), talked at length about the World Cup and the pros and cons of Germany, Netherlands and Argentina's defense abilities. I enjoyed his interest, even though I'm not a fan of soccer and haven't watched any of it, but i think my son and his generation are finally moving towards futball (Stephen Colbert joked that if the U.S. won we had one condition, that the "rest of the world call it soccer."). I also heard a Country song for the first time, something about "A typical American weekend," and the Delta Chis have ordered pizzas with Canadian bacon, drinking Amstel Light and Coronas, and some girl with a Spanish smile and Greek eyes. Loved it. Anybody know who does that ditty?

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