Thursday, August 04, 2011

Mojave Maiden Marathoner

August 4, 2011

Went home for lunch and grabbed the second monsoon sky study and added a Mojave Maiden marathoner. Legend says she ran nude all the way from Fort Mojave to Lizardville (Hackberry) just for a taste of homemade blueberry pie.

For the record, I hate the anglicizing of Mojave into Mohave, and have always thought Mojave would make a great title to a desert story with the title also being the name of the character. Mojave In-dins are quite tall, the men especially. But they never get the ink, do they? Most people aren't even aware of the tribe.

Full disclosure: I seem to remember Truman Capote wrote a mess of a book with the title "Mojave." I think I read an excerpt in Esquire magazine in the early eighties maybe. This was when Truman was allegedly deep into cocaine and in steep decline as a writer, but I thought that was the coolest title, especially as it pertains to my home stomping grounds.

"You say Mohave, I say Mojave, let's call the whole thing off."
—Squibe and Moon Nish

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