Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Want Hualapai Alkali Riders? We Take You There

August 10, 2011

Working on five projects at the moment. Have another road trip in the works. Going to film a new promotion for the Westerns Channel in Tombstone, one in the Palace Saloon in Prescott, one in Monument Valley and one on the Durango-Silverton Train. Very ambitious project, but should be fun.

Tweaking a new ad campaign for True West based on our slogan: "We take you there." For example, we might run this photo with the question: "Do you like old photographs?"

We take you there.

Sweet, no?

Yesterday, finished a painting I started a long time ago. Had a patina background of funky sepia stained colors. Found it last weekend and added some crude clouds, then married the whole thing to a sketch I found, which I poached out on old Arizona Highways (1977) of a Yaqui Deer Dancer. I call this "The Deer Head Boy":

This morning I finished another landscape I started over the weekend. This one is "Alkali Riders":

Utilized a postcard image of Hualapais riding in a Kingman parade on Front Street, early 1900s, which Dan The Man Harshberger sent me via email.

"Don't worry about people talking 'behind your back.' It just means you are one step ahead of them, and they are exactly in the right position to kiss your ass."
—Old Vaquero Saying

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