Thursday, August 11, 2011

Who Are You? Roger Daltrey and Kathy Radina

August 11, 2011

Dinner at Cartwright's last night was sellout fun. I mean that in the literal and figurative sense. Carole Glenn joined me and we had fun. Sold some books, told some lies, told some truths, challenged everyone to try and figure out which was which. Next dinner in two weeks. Be there.

Woke up this morning, put two slices of Mad Coyote's homemade bread in the toaster and went out to the end of the driveway to get the Arizona Republic. Saw a black dog that roams the neighborhood coming by and he gave me the evil eye as he sauntered by. This dog belongs to the son of the jerk who reported my dogs several years ago, siccing the town marshal on me. I immediately thought of grabbing the dog, tying him up and calling the town marshal. Decided that was quite juvenile and immature and let it go.


Came in the house and grabbed the two slices of Mad toast and sat down to read the paper.

By the way, you too can have fresh and yummy Mad Coyote homemade bread. Joe himself tells how: "I send out a blanket E-mail saying that I'll be at C4 [Cave Creek Coffee Co.] around 10:30 the next day (usually Wed) or I can deliver in the Creek. I'm currently making 40 loaves one day a week and hoping to build the list to 60 loaves 2 times a week. They are pre-baked weight of 600G and sell for $5."

If you want on the list, send me your email and I'll forward it to Joe.

Inside this morning's Republic is a feature on KDKB (Krazy Dog, Krazy Boy Radio) turning 40. Doesn't even seem possible. On the second page of the feature is a photo of the "KDKB staff" with the Who singer Roger Daltrey. Here's the pic:

The irony is that only two people in this photo are "KDKB staff." AND, one of the civilians is my wife Kathy Radina, standing, second from left in the back row. That's Wiliam Edward Compton kneeling at left. He is, of course, Carole Compton Glenn's brother, and he is the Godfather of KDKB and progressive radio in Phoenix. He was only mentioned once in the article and then in a glancing reference, which is just bad history, but typical of what happens as the years roll on and lesser lights command the stage (are still standing) and hog the microphone.

After I got into work, Carole Glenn called Linda Thompson (third from right, standing, and the only other on air personality, or staffer, at KDKB in the pic) and Linda gave us the following ID info: that's Ty Thompson at left (Linda's ex); Roger Daltrey, center standing; Linda, Patty Souvall, Alta Distributing; last guy on right unknown. Next to Bill is Dave Gordon of KWFM in Tucson (an FM sister station in the Old Pueblo). Woman at right is unknown, perhaps Dave's significant other.

Also, according to Linda, this photo was taken at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in LA for the unveiling of a Roger Daltrey solo album in the mid seventies.

As Dan The Man Harshberger put it this morning: "You would have thought that the Republic

would have spent a couple of minutes and found out the names of the people in the photo…this is history after all, and without naming names it's like finding an old photo in a bin with nothing written on the back. What a shame."

As a big fan of history, I agree. Gee, I wonder what the lead singer of the Who has to say about all this?

"Who the ---- are you?!"
—Roger Daltrey

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