Friday, January 27, 2012

Bells Ring for Wedding Bells

January 27, 2012

When it rains it pours department: Lew Jones dropped by today and left me a standard marriage form in case Kathy and I want to tie the knot again. Since I have two kids who are tying the knot in the next six months, this would be funny, or the final straw. Not sure which.

Meanwhile, it was Lew who gifted me the board plaque with a piece of original wood off of William Antrim's outhouse. Here is a photo of the outhouse in its final days:

And here's Billy the Kid's stepfather (center, with beard) while he was a mine manager in Mogollon, New Mexico. This mineshaft was probably within spitting distance of the outhouse shown above. Mogollon is a in a very compact canyon.

One of the last hand drawn sign painters in America, Alan Scott, is going to redo our True West sign on the True West World Headquarters in Cave Creek, AZ. Here he is after doing our original sign in 2002. New design to follow.

Earlier this week, I whipped out a little study I call "Religion Finds Don Pedro":

"A ring is a circle with no beginning and no end. It is the symbol of the sun and the earth and the cosmos, of wholeness, perfection and peace. The rings you give and receive here today are symbols of the abiding love into which you enter as husband and wife."
—Lew Jones, from his standard wedding ceremony form

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