Monday, January 16, 2012

Wyatt Earp Addresses Busthead

January 16, 2012

Cleaning my studio this weekend I found this photo of Jackie King Ellis, one of my models for Honkytonk Sue.

She was Miss Rodeo Arizona in the mid-eighties. I believe this photo was taken in the Strater Hotel bar in Durango, Colorado.

Speaking of cartoon characters I have created, I still want to do a time travel story featuring Wyatt Earp chasing Curly Bill and landing at the NFR finals in Vegas. While cleaning, I found my O.K. Replay notes from last year and sat down this morning to try and salvage something and start anew. Excellent notes I have poached from Huck Finn and True Grit regarding frontier slang. For one thing I want to show how dramatically the language has changed. At one point Earp says, "This jaybird aims to tell us how the cow ate the cabbage." Of course, no one form our time can understand him. Likewise, a modern lawman says, "Better Miranda him," and Earp looks quite confused.

"Well, you're a rectified busthead."
—Wyatt Earp to a gang banger in Circle K

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