Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Texas Rangers Faux Photo

January 18, 2012

Kathy and I trained our kids early to enjoy road trips. Here they are at a Fina gas station on the road to see Billy the Kid's grave in the summer of 2004. That's Thomas Charles, 1 1/2, and Deena, 4.

Fina Deena, indeed. I drove by last year (north of Socorro, at the I-25 exit, Hwy 60 to Mountainair, Vaughn and Fort Sumner) and this place was closed up, fenced off and falling over.

Cleaning in my studio I found this historic photo.

Actually, it's a faux photo, based on a famous Texas Rangers image. It was taken at Festival of the West in 2003. Can you name the gents in this pic? Hint: one of them was in the TV show Lawman, and another was in Gunsmoke AND Cowboys & Aliens.

"That ol' boy was always sittin' on the south side of his pants."
—Old Texas Saying

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