Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Studs With Guns

January 18, 2012

My third day in the studio emulating Ron Carlson and Jerry Seinfeld. Ron told me to commit two hours a day to my graphic novel project and Jerry told me to make a big, red X on every day I succeed. So far, so good. Ha.

Another studio find: in 1991 I was doing research on Billy the Kid at the University of Arizona Special Collections Library. As I walked across campus I saw a sign for a luncheon honoring the author Ray Bradbury. Walking up the steps to the Student Union, I followed the noise and found the room. I leaned in the door, just in time to hear Ray say about writing, "Throw up in the morning, clean up in the afternoon." As he finished and walked by, I took this photo.

I've been throwing up ever since. That is, I write everything down that comes out of my mind. Don't try and rework it, just throw up all over the page. Then, after lunch, come back and clean it up. Great advice and I just happened upon it. Serendipity, no? Or, do I thank Billy the Kid?

Been noodling possible cover images for this year. What do you think of this shot?

File this under, "Studs With Guns." Recognize who this is? A hint: HTWWW.

"Write every day, without hope, without despair."
—Another piece of advice that has served me well

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