Friday, January 27, 2012

Outlaws To The End

January 27, 2012

Ever heard of a story slam? I hadn't either, until my old friend Mark Goldman (from my radio days) contacted me and asked me to come down and participate in The Great Arizona Story Slam. Basically each story teller gets five minutes to tell a story (tonight's theme is "Like Butch and Sundance: Partners In Crime—Friends to the End." Coming off at the Doubletree Inn at 44th Street and Van Buren tonight from six to nine. Tickets are $10 advance, or $15 at the door. I am bringing along a box of the new Arizona Centennial issue, so if you want a free one, now would be your chance to get one.

Let's see, who would my partner in crime be? Certainly the oldest partnership would be this outlaw (Dastardly Dan, on left):

Many wild ones have come and gone and come between us, but here we are still working on Old West graphics (hint: Big D is the True West art director since 1999). The only ding against Dan The Man is probably the fact that he is the most honest, hard working, frugal, funny bastard I have ever known. Not much of an outlaw, unless you count the mocking of Arizona politicos.

Speaking of which, Dan and I produced The Razz Revue (1972-1976) and I don't think either one us owns a complete set. Imagine our surprise when this appeared on ebay:

One of the things Dan and I prided ourselves on was publishing wildly inappropriate comments out of context and at the wrong time. Thank God we outgrew that!

"Success without honor is an unseasoned dish; it will satisfy your hunger, but it won't taste good."

—Joe Paterno

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