Thursday, January 12, 2012

Jock Mahoney Baloney

January 12, 2012

Worked on some new features today and looked at some very rare Old West photographs. Robert Ray redesigned a spread on a then and now deal on John Henry Tunstall's store. Frederick Nolan sent this to us and wrote up a little blurb on the history of the two photos. Love this kind of stuff. It will run in our Opening Shot slot in the April issue.

Everything Comes to The Man Who Is Patient
Like most spoiled, only children, I am prone to being impatient ("I want it NOW!"). But, the older I get the more patient I have become. For example, when I was eight, I desperately wanted a Ranger Rider fringe pullover. And, although I looked and looked I never found one. Nor did I settle for a zip-up jacket from Taiwan with fringe on it. Fifty-some years later (actually, last year) I found Mike Guli of River Crossing who made me a custom Ranger Rider shirt exactly like the one in my favorite TV show!

And, by the way, did anybody see "Dakota Joe" starring Jock Mahoney last night on Encore Westerns? What an odd movie (1957). Anyway, here is me in my Jock Mahoney mode:

Not too shabby, eh? For a Medicare guy at any rate. It only took me 50-some years, but I got it.

Second example: In 1955 my father brought home a brand new Ford Thunderbird from the dealership in Swea City, Iowa. Ford had shipped the new model from Detroit, by train to Swea City for a homecoming parade for a Korean War POW named Captain Fisher to ride in. My father, who was a car salesman at Gabby Motors in Swea City brought the sleek little convertible home to our house and gave me and two of my friends a ride out of town at 115 m.p.h. That ride made a lasting impression on me and I have lusted over someday owning a Thunderbird ever since.

Had a couple chances to buy a used one ($13K), but never quite made it happen (having kids kind of rearranges those wishes).

This morning, I drove up to the Cave Creek Library to donate some books from my library and spotted a 2007 Thunderbird with a for sale sign on it. I made an offer on it this afternoon. If I get it, this one will have only taken me 57 years to happen.

Next up: a hot blond to ride in the Bird, next to the old guy in the fringe pullover. Wait, I already have the blond AND the fringe pullover!

When It Rains It Pours Re-ups (Carole Glenn reports from the front lines)

"My husband once had a subscription to True West and looks forward to receiving it again. Not only does he enjoy the articles, but the articles give us ideas of places to go on our vacations West."

—Krista Bowersox

You know how most Westerns are about cleaning up wild cowtowns and how stalwart lawmen make it safe for civilization? And how it comes to a head in 1881 and ever after the towns are safe?

Here's a report from the Phoenix Republic from January 11, 1911:

City Being Terrorized By Gunmen

There have been four holdups on Phoenix streets and two daylight robberies in the last week.

We just taped a new Bobcast about our Icon issue and it's being uploaded even as you read this (on the home page of click on the upper right hand corner).

"Good news. I signed up to receive a free leadership newsletter by email. I know it's good because it's written by some guy who used to have a job."

—The Pointy-headed Boss in Dilbert

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